Thomas Gang – Senior Pastor

Jay Baughman – Associate Pastor

Stephen Wineka – Youth Pastor


What is Pastor Emeritus?

Emeritus is an honorary title given to someone who has retired from a position, such as a pastor, as a way of honoring his service. The term “emeritus” comes from the Latin word emereri, which means to earn one’s discharge by service. Giving the title “Pastor Emeritus” to a retiring pastor is a way for our church to continue to honor his service to the church. We at FBCJ want to graciously recognize our beloved pastors that have served us so well over the years. These pastors are officially retired from our church staff, but continue to serve as the Lord leads them alongside the body of Christ.

Rory Wineka – Pastor Emeritus: 2/16/2004 through retirement 9/30/17

Rufus Hofelt – Pastor Emeritus: 4/14/2010 through retirement 9/30/17