Our short term mission trips vary in geographic location. We make team trips as close as our own locale or State, to other locations in the U.S., to the far reaches of North, Central and South America, and also including overseas trips to fascinating distant lands and cultures.

We offer many different types of short term trips:

• Evangelistic Trips
The gospel is preached through various forms of outreach ministries.

• Edification Trips
Discipleship and discipleship training is the goal. These trips can also include edification through preaching and teaching to groups of believers by individual members of our church and also by our pastors.

• Vision Tour
Investigatory trips designed to make us familiar with other lands, cultures, and people groups.

• Service Trips
This includes building, remodeling and construction, as well as a variety of basic labor type jobs designed to practically assist our missionaries in their areas of need.

All our trips include the ministry of the word. Our members participate in the investing of the scriptures into the lives of others, as well as spread the ministry of discipleship to peoples all over the world. Wherever God opens the door, we will go.

Every trip is preceded by thorough training to prepare the team members for every aspect of the mission. We do cover all details and organize the itinerary based on the nature and type of trip.

Although we, by faith, completely trust Jesus to protect us, security training is included. Precautionary details are strictly followed to help insure a profitable and fulfilling journey. This also insures the safe return of all team members. In light of the uncertain climate in our world today, we place a high priority on quality training, caution, safety, and security.