Dwight & Jeanne Billingsley



Dwight was born in1942 and has been married to his wife, Jeanne, since 1960. They have five adult children and many grandchildren.


Accepting Christ as his Savior in 1950 in Wichita, Kansas, Dwight  was later called to full-time Christian work at age 15.

Ministry Training

Dwight and Jeanne were both educated at Baptist Bible College in Springfield, MO. In 1964 Dwight received his BTH degree in Theology In September of 1966 they moved to Beirut, Lebanon where they established The Baptist Student Center and Sioufi Baptist Church in the midst of three wars; The 6-day War, The Yom Kippur Was (1973), and the Lebanese Civil War (1975), before being forced to return to the United States.

Church Ministry

Dwight pastored the First Baptist Church of St. Louis beginning in 1982 until 2010 when he and Jeanne responded to the call to reach Muslims in the Detroit, Michigan area. While in St. Louis, the Billingsleys also established an Arab-speaking church congregation which is now an indigenous church.

Missions Today

In 2010, Dwight and Jeanne relocated to the heart of the Arabic speaking world in North America which is Detroit-Dearborn area of Michigan. Their main goal is the establishment of indigenous churches with the Arabic population. Here they also serve as directors at the Arab-American Friendship Center, which is an outreach gospel mission, teaching English and citizenship classes. The center also holds Bible studies and gospel fellowships on Fridays. Through their organization, Arabic Christian Ministries, the Billingsleys also house a TV taping studio where they broadcast Arab speaking preachers.

Sending Church / Supporting Agency

Support Address: Arabic Christian Ministries, PO Box 191, Springfield, MO 65801. The Billingsleys are also supported through Baptist Bible Fellowship International (BBFI).

Support this Missionary

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