The Jackson Bible Institute and School of Ministry is fully supported by the First Baptist Church of Jackson and is a not-for-profit entity of the First Baptist Church of Jackson. It consists of a four year curriculum based upon a variety of biblical studies and ministry related training courses. It is offered as a ministry of the First Baptist Church of Jackson and is designed primarily for the further training and equipping of its faithful members and ministerial friends.

Course Credits

Courses taken at the Jackson Bible Institute and School of Ministry receive no credit and are therefore non-transferable. No professional status is granted for completing any course or class. No guarantee for future vocational ministry is offered.

Upon completion of each course, the student will receive a certificate of completion. Upon completion of the four year program, each student will participate in a graduation ceremony held at the First Baptist Church of Jackson and will be presented with an official completion certificate (diploma).

Each course will require a variety of classroom and instructional hours ranging between 1 – 34 hours per course. When completed, these courses will give the student a resource guide for future ministry work.

Each student will be required to complete all tests and term papers in accordance to the rules established by the course instructor. This is mandatory for recognized completion of all Bible Institute courses. All required courses must be completed before a student will graduate from the overall four year program.

The course descriptions will be classified under the following headings: Biblical Studies, Discipleship, Education, History, Missions, Pastoral Studies, and Theology.

Financial Information

Financial Information

• Application Fee (to be presented at time of registration): $25.00

• Standard Tuition (Per Trimester): $65.00

• Student must purchase any and all required textbooks/workbooks in addition to tuition fees.

Requirements for Attendance

• Must be a faithfully attending, tithing, covenant member of FBCJ

• Must be a commissioned discipler

• Must be involved in a ministry of FBCJ

• Must be recommended by the leader of the ministry in which you are serving

• Must have completed the following five FBCJ approved prerequisite elective classes:

How to Study the Bible

Biblical Relationships

The Character Qualities of a Man of God

Walking with God

Church History

Important Notes: All students must be able to produce complete and organized notes from each prerequisite class. All students must physically attend each prerequisite class.

• Must faithfully pay, at the required time, for each trimester registration and materials fee

• Must participate in an approved foreign or domestic missions trip at least once during the four year tenure

As of October 1st, 2014 we no longer allow students to listen to entire classes via CD. Students may listen to a CD if needed to make up missed classes, but no student listening solely to an entire recorded class will qualify.

Non-Members of FBCJ

• Must adhere to core Baptist beliefs

• Must be a member in good standing with your local church

• Must meet the same applicable requirements for attendance listed above

• Must have the approval from your pastor and the senior pastor of FBCJ

School Year and Meeting Times

The JBI school year begins the first Thursday of September and continues through the last Thursday in May. JBI is off for the summer every year.

Classes run 6:30 PM to 10:00 PM every Thursday night.

No general auditing of any class is permitted, however, permission may be granted in certain cases from the teacher allowing attendance to a class or student meeting. All former JBI graduates are permitted to audit any class at any time (please notify the class teacher and church office ahead of time so ample materials can be provided)

Itinerant Preachers

If your church is absent of a pastor, we may be able to help you. We have enthusiastic students in our Bible Institute who are available to lead your Sunday morning services. They can teach a wide variety of Sunday school curriculum and/or preach from your pulpit Spirit empowered messages.