True love is to share the truth of Jesus Christ with lost people. Part of the great commission is to preach the gospel publically to men and women, boys and girls.

Souls have been saved and many hearts convicted or softened when a receptive person speaks with a Bible believer in a public place. Therefore, the distribution of gospel tracts and Bibles are crucial to any genuine ministry. After all, “How shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard?”

Every member of our church is encouraged to share their faith in Christ daily through personal testimony, gospel tracts, and conversation…wherever they go, in whatever they are doing.

Our Harvest Evangelism Ministry goes one step further: we choose various public and social events throughout the calendar year and send teams of our church members into the midst witnessing. Our goal is not to simply hand out tracts, but to seek out those who are open and interested in hearing the gospel and receiving a tract. We are not looking for a debate or argument; we are not seeking to disturb the peace, but to find people who are RECEPTIVE to the truth.

Schedule of publically attended events
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Tim Finley (pictured with his family)