A Heart for the Field

To love God is to love missions or to put it in plainer words…If you truly have a heart for God, you must have a heart to reach the world. Here at First Baptist we love and support missionaries from all over the world; from South East Asia to the continental United States, right down to our own back yard.

It is our sincere belief that we, as a church, can affect the whole planet for Christ’s sake. We also believe that every Christian can and should do something for the Lord. We must work while there is still time. We must spread the good seed of the gospel to make disciples and plant churches while we can; the time is short. Our goal is to plant churches and make disciples on every continent to every people group and nation. God would not have told us to do it if He did not plan on equipping us to accomplish such a goal.

The greatest missionary that ever graced the face of this earth was none other than the Lord Jesus Christ. He traveled the farthest, He gave up the most, all to seek and to save that which was lost. He is our perfect example. Let’s follow him!