Our dedicated workers are here to provide you with materials that will strengthen your walk with Christ. All recordings are lovingly prepared and packaged to edify our church body and ministry friends. If we can help you in any way please see us at the Welcome Center or call the church office.

All audio series come complete with detailed study sheets and are provided upon request at time of order. Suggested donation is listed. You may order by contacting the church office at 330-854-9710 or placing your order at the Welcome Center while in the building.

Ephesians 128 USD
Genesis 143 USD
Matthew 41 USD
1 John 79 USD
3:16 36 USD
Jonah 38 USD
Esther 38 USD
Ruth 36 USD
Titus 66 USD
Haggai 38 USD
Philemon 29 USD
Daniel 41 USD
Exodus 36 USD
Ezra 60 USD
Psalms 22 USD
Revelation 115 USD